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DSTS Transportaton Card for Next School Year

DSTS want to remind you to store the DSTS Transportation Card in a safe place over the summer so that your child has the card for boarding DSTS Transportation vehicles in September 2024. Your student’s DSTS Transportation Card remains valid for the next school year as long as your child continues to be eligible for transportation.  New cards will not be issued, a temporary replacement can be created here, once completed a new card will be sent out to the school. 


Durham Student Transportation Services (DSTS) is excited to announce the implementation of new technology, mTransport on our large  70 passenger vehicles.


After a successful pilot at the end of the 2022-2023 school year, DSTS is happy to announce mTransport will begin to be implemented on all of our 70 passenger vehicles. Implementation will be staggered throughout the school year. Your student will be issued their DSTS Transportation card through the school with additional instructions on when implementation will be taking place. 

Missing your card or want to register your email address to use the mTransport mobile App. Please follow this link!

What is mTransport?

mTransport is a system designed to streamline communications between our buses and stakeholders, namely the school and our parent guardian community. This system will replace the traditional paper-based manifest on board with a Tablet that will have an electronic version of your students’ bus route. Students will be issued a Transportation card that the tablet software can read to register when and where they board a bus as well as when they disembark. This will help our drivers better recognize riders and allow them to assist if someone attempts to board at the wrong stop or the wrong bus or get off a bus when they shouldn’t. This system will also ensure we have live and relevant data regarding bus passengers, which is critical information in the event of a bus incident or accident.


What data is available with mTransport?

Information in mTransport is no different than what our Bus Operators and schools already have with traditional paper manifests. Student names along with the bus stop location are the main pieces of information held on the tablet. Personal information such as phone numbers, date of birth or home addresses are not stored on the tablet. Data is transferred via a secure connection and all data is held within Canadian servers. Only verified staff who already have access to the Bus route information such as school administration staff, transportation route planners, Bus Operators, and information technology staff from DSTS and mTransport who facilitate the software, will have access to these new electronic manifests on the Tablet. Data at all times remains the property of DSTS and can only be used for Transportation Services. Tablets are secured and controlled by a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system which limits functions and allows tablets to be erased remotely. 


Can any personal information be scanned from the Transportation Card?

No, the Transportation Card is simply linked to an ID number that is linked to the student within the mTransport software. No personal information can be obtained from the card if scanned by any other source. When a student is no longer riding a bus, the card is deactivated, and therefore serves no other purpose. 


What other information is found on the Tablet?

Outside of the Stops and students using those stops these electronic manifests also will have driving directions for our drivers to get from stop to stop. This is very helpful for new drivers or drivers who may be filling in for another route.


What type of notifications can I get as a parent?

mTransport also has a Student/Guardian application that will be in use as we reach full deployment. Areas that have been using mTransport for a while will begin to have the application send out notifications once an account has been created but all parents of transported students are invited to register an email address here to use with the mTransport application, at this time we are only able to take one email address per student. Users of the application will be able to opt into messages via, Text, email or push notification about when the student boarded the bus and disembarked it, as well as notification when the bus has left the stop previous to your students and is on the way. Notifications will also indicate if the student used their Transportation card to board the vehicle or if they were manually logged in by the driver. App users will also be able to mark their student absent for the day letting the driver know they will not be riding. Finally, notifications are also sent if an issue has occurred with the system, and it is not being used that day or at some point along the route.


What happens if a student forgets the card?

Students can still board normally if they do not have the card with them. Drivers can tap the students' name on the manifest to mark them as having boarded the bus. We just ask that if your student does not have their card they wait to board last at the stop to make it easier for the driver to find the students' name, and keep boarding timely. A temporary Transportation Card code can also be obtained here


I lost my card, what should I do?

If you lose your card, contact DSTS by sending an email to  Don't forget to include the student's full name, grade and school.  A new card will be produced and sent to the school for distribution to the student, in the meantime we invite you to create a temporary printable Transportation Code here. This will work in place of a card, a picture of the code can also be used from a student's mobile device. 


How long should I keep my card?

Since the Transportation Card code is linked to an ID number they can be kept for the entirety of your students career within the school board. No need to get a new one each school start up, a new card is only needed if the student moves from one school board to another. 


Can I board a different bus with my Card?

It is important to use the transportation assigned to you. Students trying to board a different bus where they are not registered, the mTransport System will signal the driver. This will help avoid situations where students attempt to board the wrong bus by accident and need to be returned to the school at the end of the run. Further information on DSTS transportation policy can be found here.


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