Covid-19 Info

Durham Student Transportation Services (DSTS) continues to work with our member school boards, Durham Public Health, bus operators and the Ministry of Education to mitigate health risks associated with COVID-19.

Preparing your Child for Riding the School Bus

Each day, parents/guardians must assess their child(ren)’s health before sending them on the school bus. Parents/Guardians should visit the Public Health Ontario website and click on the COVID self-assessment tool.

Good hand hygiene is critical in mitigating the transmission of viruses. Students are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and/or use hand sanitiser prior to going to the bus stop.

Students in Kindergarten to grade12 are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask while riding the school bus where possible.


Waiting at the Stop


While waiting at bus stops, students and parents/guardians should maintain physical distancing between family groupings.

It is important that students arrive at their designated stop at least five minutes before the posted stop time.

Once the bus arrives, students should not crowd the front door. Rather, students should line up while maintaining a two-metre physical distance between them, where possible.


Driver PPE

Medical masks and eye protection (i.e., face shields) have been provided for all school bus drivers. Although not mandatory, bus drivers are strongly encouraged to wear masks while on board the vehicle.


Cleaning of School Vehicles

In consultation with Durham Public Health, all vehicles will be fully cleaned twice per day- once after the morning route and again after the afternoon route.